Frequently Asked

Download the Cravosity app on the App Store or Play Store! You can create an account with your phone number or sign up with your existing Google, Facebook, or Apple account. If you already created an account, log in and start planning! Welcome to the Craver family!

Great question! Let’s get you started by adding friends and then set your preferences so we know more about you.

You can add your friends by searching for their full name or username, or you can sync your phone contacts and we’ll tell you who is already on Cravosity! If your friends aren’t on Cravosity, refer them through the settings panel in the app.

Next, complete the Timing Choices and Dining Profiles sections in settings - here you’ll sync your calendar, set meal times, and fill out your Cravosity dining profile! This will be useful so we know what you generally like to eat and when so if you’re busy one day and get invited to a plan, we can still accommodate your needs.

After that, you’re ready to start your first plan - head to the Plans tab to start a plan!

Friends are crucial to getting the full value out of Cravosity. Navigate to the Friends tab to search your friends by username or name and add them. You also should’ve had the opportunity to sync your phone contacts during sign-up so we can suggest friends to you, but you can do it on the Friends tab at any time. Once you add friends, you can start planning and seeing their favorites!

Groups make the dining experience much more enjoyable! A group is a collection of Cravosity friends that you eat out with often. You can invite your friends to join a group and we’ll track your plans on your group profile page. This eliminates the process of having to invite each individual each time you want to plan a meal. To create a group, navigate to the Friends tab, and click Groups. From here, you can name your group, upload a photo for the group, and add your friends to the group.

We all have things we like to eat, don’t like to eat, and can’t eat so let’s make sure you are heard! You can save different dining profiles to express your price preferences, cuisines, and dietary restrictions. From brunch to date nights, dining profiles make it easier and faster to plan a meal - you can just select a saved profile in one click! By creating a default profile, we will also always know what you like so if you are busy one day, we can still accommodate your needs.

We help you keep track of restaurants you love, and restaurants you’re dying to try! Friends can see these to get recommendations or see if they have any overlap on your bucket list so you can plan a meal together! You can mark restaurants by searching for them on the Discover tab.

You can sync your Outlook calendar or Gmail calendar. And, yes, it is safe! We take security and privacy very seriously. We only see time blocks that are marked as free or busy - we don’t receive or save any details other than that. That is all we need to help you determine the best times to dine out!

Don’t keep your calendar fully up-to-date? Don’t worry, you can still adjust the options, but we just want to save you some upfront time!

Right now, Cravosity serves the Greater Chicago Area (including various northern suburbs such as Evanston), Greater Washington D.C. Metro area (including DC, Arlington, and parts of Maryland), and San Francisco (including Palo Alto). Don’t worry, more cities are on the way! Be sure to email us so we know you’re craving it and we can prioritize launching to you next. Follow our Instagram for more updates too.

You can discover restaurants and start plans in cities that aren’t your home! In Discover, change the city you want to search in using the filter panel or search bar. In Make a Plan, we ask you what area you want to eat out. Cravosity will always find restaurants in the area you want and recommend hidden gems to try because we want to help you explore more!

On the app, you can select “Forgot Password” and enter your phone number, email, or username that you signed up with. You’ll get a security code texted to your phone to verify yourself before you can reset your password.

Friends are crucial to getting the full value out of Cravosity. Navigate to the Friends tab to search your friends by username or name and add them. You also should’ve had the opportunity to sync your phone contacts during sign-up so we can suggest friends to you, but you can do it on the Friends tab at any time. Once you add friends, you can start planning and seeing their favorites!

To be in a Cravosity group, you have to have a Cravosity account. However, you can invite people who don’t have a Cravosity account as guests to any meal via text message. But, it’s more beneficial to be a user so they definitely get the final plan details and other benefits of the app so urge them to download it for FREE!

Navigate to the Friends tab and select the group you would like to edit or delete. Click the three dots in the top right to edit or delete your group. Only creators of the group can edit or delete so that may be why you don’t see the option.

The group leader is whoever creates the group. You have all the power to edit the group - choosing who to invite, the photo for the group, and the name - so have fun being the leader! As a leader, you are also able to delete groups if necessary.

That’s sad but we understand ;( When you are on the user’s profile, click the three dots in the top right and you’ll see an option to remove them as a friend.

Oh no, we don’t want anyone bothering you. When you are on the user’s profile, click the three dots in the top right and you’ll see an option to report them as spam. We review all cases of spam very seriously so please share as much information as you can so we can take the appropriate action.

We hope this is what you actually want to do. They won’t know you blocked them, but they won’t be able to plan with you. To block, when you are on the user’s profile, click the three dots in the top right and you’ll see an option to block.

No, you can invite whoever you want! All you need to do is connect your contacts and you can invite anyone via their phone number if they don’t have a Cravosity account. We’ll pre-populate a text that you can send to them which will take them through a “guest checkout” experience. That being said, it’s definitely easier for them to stay up to date if they are a Cravosity user (everything they need to know is in the app!), so encourage them to sign up for FREE by referring them through Settings.

Everyone you invite either needs to be your friend on Cravosity or be in your contacts. If you invite someone who is in your contacts but not your friend on Cravosity yet, they’ll be prompted to accept your friend request first and then be added to the plan!

No, we want to encourage exploration! Cravosity books up to three restaurant reservations for you to choose from. These recommendations are based on you and your group's availability and preferences. However, if you have a restaurant(s) in mind that you would like to visit, you can input those in the app and we’ll prioritize them in booking.

Yes! You can plan a meal at a specific restaurant or give us a list of restaurants to prioritize. During the meal planning process, you’ll be prompted to indicate whether you know where you want to go or want Cravosity to recommend options.

No, anyone in the group can plan a meal. The app will track who has planned reservations in the group so you can tease whoever hasn’t planned any ;)

Instantaneous reservations are for when you know what your group wants and/or don’t need them to vote on dining preferences or calendar times. For example, if you’re going out with friends and you already know when you want to go, and that the group wants Italian, instantaneous booking is the way to go! We will still notify your attendees that they have been invited, but we curate the options based on your input only.

If you want to collect information from your group to find either the best place or the best time, we suggest you use the collecting input option. This gives your group 18 hours to submit preferences to be taken into consideration.

Attendees have up to 18 hours to share their input for the plan. After that time, we will optimize across those who filled it out and book the best options for you. It will take between 1-2 days for the reservation options to be curated. We’re constantly looking to improve the product, and making reservation options available immediately is high on our priority list! We need your help to make it more real-time in the near future so keep planning and giving us feedback :)

As of right now, the planner is the one who chooses a reservation on behalf of the group. However, if having the entire group vote on the reservation is something that you are interested in and think would be valuable, definitely share that feedback by emailing or DMing us on Instagram @cravosityusa.

You will receive a notification (via a push notification or text) and an email! You will have 18 hours to confirm a reservation or it will expire and the plan will be canceled. We have this time limit implemented because we have full-booked these tables for you, and we want to be respectful to the restaurants we’re booking at so they can have another friend group connect if needed!

Everyone (Cravers and non-Cravers) will receive a calendar invitation for the reservation that includes the time, restaurant details, and table name(s). As a Cravosity user, you can also access this information in the Plans tab under the Upcoming section.

Cravosity is only involved when the reservation starts! How long you can dine varies from restaurant to restaurant. Especially after the pandemic, some restaurants set limits between 1-2 hours. We recommend following up with the restaurant directly to determine if there are any limitations.

We allow for 3 days in advance at the latest and up to a month in advance at the earliest. We have to curate and book these reservations so same-day booking is not currently available in our app.

If you’re requesting a specific restaurant and are booking far out in advance (e.g., one month), there might be cases where reservations aren’t available yet. When restaurants release reservations vary, so we’ll be sure to keep in touch if this is affecting your plan at all!

We want to encourage you to see as many people as you can and explore new places! However, you can’t be in two places at once - we wish we could. Therefore, you have to cancel or mark that you’re not attending another reservation before you can plan one at the same time.

We don’t currently support modifying the details with the restaurant after the reservation is booked due to our current booking process limitations. We’re working on bringing this feature to you ASAP! However, the planner can override the details by accessing the plan in the Plans tab. We recommend calling the restaurant directly to make changes and you can override the details once you do so. Cravosity will provide the phone number of their restaurant directly in the app so you can call easily. We also tell you who the table(s) are under so you can modify these details.

We know things come up so you can cancel in the app at any time. Only the planner can cancel a plan though so if you’re an attendee who can’t anymore, you would mark yourself as not attending. If a planner cancels the event, everyone attending will receive a cancelation notification.

You can cancel within the app or send us an email at to notify us ASAP. Out of respect for the restaurants, we would love it if you could also call them to let them know.

Sorry to hear that! We do our very best to provide recommendations that we believe you will enjoy. However, they are just recommendations. You can always cancel the existing plan and begin a new one for new recommendations or request specific restaurants that you are interested in. We’re working hard to bring you a feature where you can cycle through a few sets of recommendations, so stay tuned!

Sometimes restaurants are full or not available. In this case, we will suggest up to three other options that meet your needs as best as possible.

You cannot currently transfer a plan to someone. We’d recommend keeping the plan under your name and not canceling it so the other attendees can still go! You can always invite someone else offline to take your spot, or call the restaurant to update the table size.

We want to save you time, help you explore hidden gems, and satisfy your cravings! To do this, we consider maximizing attendance across your invitees, optimizing what everyone submitted as their timing and dining preferences, ensuring whoever has a dietary restriction will have enough options, check table availability so we only suggest places that can accommodate you, and help you check off your bucket list if we can!

We strive to be as inclusive as possible. We look to find places that can accommodate everyone’s preferences, but when this is not possible, we optimize to serve as many people’s preferences as possible! We always ensure dietary restrictions are accommodated so everyone can enjoy something yummy while you all connect!

There are four tiers to the rewards program - start planning and referring to unlock!

Cravosity Rewards Program - Reward Tiers

If we don’t currently support that restaurant, you can request that it be added via the Discover tab. Submit restaurants you like or new restaurants you discover so our team can add them as soon as possible!

You can share feedback in multiple ways! You can email us at or you can DM us on Instagram @cravosityusa. If you’re having an issue, we’ll respond ASAP to get it resolved.

If you’re providing general feedback such as recommendations for improving the app or new features, we’ll confirm we received it and immediately share it with our product team! We’re already working on v2 so we want to hear any feedback you have.

Yes! The rating is specific to each experience so you can track what you think about the place over time if it’s somewhere you dine at often. In the future, we plan to allow you to upload pictures for each visit so you can create a scrapbook for all your dining adventures.

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Oh no, we're sorry that you want to delete your account. If you would like to do that, you can go into your Settings from the Profile Tab and click Manage Account at the bottom. Once you delete the account, you will not be able to retrieve it back so you will have to start over. Please give us feedback for why you deleted your account as well. It helps us improve our experience for other users!