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Cravosity pronounced "crave-osity"

Our goal is to help people satisfy their cravings for food and friends, and curiosity for new experiences.

Our Promise

Cravosity: Less Coordinating. More Connecting. More Sharing. More Discovering. More Enjoying.
Cravosity: Less Coordinating. More Connecting. More Sharing. More Discovering. More Enjoying.

Our Team

Malvi Hemani's LinkedIn Page
Image of Malvi, Cravosity's CEO

Malvi Hemani

CEO & Founder

I’m so obsessed with mozzarella sticks that my friends call me Mozzie Malvi.

Dream Meal: The French Laundry with Reese Witherspoon

Malvi Hemani

Malvi is the Founder and CEO of Cravosity! The idea was born when Malvi was struggling to find a new restaurant to eat out with friends. As a lifetime vegetarian, she spent hours reviewing restaurant menus, finding a time that worked for everyone, and booking a reservation. Malvi strongly believes that the table is one of the best places to form memories, but trying to dine out multiple times a month started becoming a chore. She knew there needed to be a more automated way to curate the dining experience she and her friends wanted - that is how Cravosity was born!

Born and raised in New Jersey, Malvi has a Bachelor’s in Biomedical Engineering and a Minor in Computer Science from Johns Hopkins University. She worked as Technology Consultant prior to pursuing a dual-degree MBA + MS in Design Innovation at Northwestern University’s Kellogg School of Management and Segal Design Institute, during which time she was named Poets&Quants Best & Brightest MBAs in 2021. Currently, Malvi is a Product Manager at Google.

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Drew Burkhard's LinkedIn Page
Image of Drew Burkhard

Drew Burkhard

Head of Product Strategy

There is nothing better than making a quesadilla with leftovers the day after having Mexican food.

Dream Meal: Alinea with Robin Williams

Drew Burkhard

Drew is a Product Manager and Strategist at Cravosity! Drew has always loved the connection that food creates between people, but has seen countless dinner groups fizzle out due to the hassle of continuously planning logistics. Therefore, Drew was so excited when he heard about Cravosity and joined Malvi to solve this problem.

Born and raised in Virginia, Drew has a Bachelor’s in Finance and a Minor in Applied Business Computing from Virginia Tech. He worked as a Technology Consulting prior to pursuing an MBA at Northwestern University’s Kellogg School of Management.

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Shashwat Sinha's LinkedIn Page
Image of Shashwat Sinha

Shashwat Sinha

Head of Product Design

If I could only have three foods for the rest of my life, they would be sushi, naan, and burritos.

Dream Meal: Urusawa with Kevin Feige

Shashwat Sinha

Shash is the Head of Product Design at Cravosity! He loves getting together with different groups of friends over meals, but finds it difficult to find time to stay in touch. For that reason, Shash was excited to join Cravosity to make it easier for everyone to stay connected with the people they care about!

Born in India and raised in Virginia, Shash has a Bachelor’s in Chemical Engineering from Virginia Tech. He worked in the manufacturing industry on tech project roles and also founded his own graphic design company prior to pursuing a dual-degree MBA + MS in Design Innovation at Northwestern University's Kellogg School of Management and Segal Design Institute. Shash also recently completed a Product Management internship at Amazon.

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Jessica Lazzari's LinkedIn Page
Image of Jessica Lazzari

Jessica Lazzari

Head of Marketing

There are only 4.5 veggies that I like and will eat!

Dream Meal: Gibson’s Italia with Amanda Seyfried

Jessica Lazzari

Jessica is the Head of Marketing at Cravosity! As the planner of the group, Cravosity was a perfect find to make getting together easier with friends at fun locations. Jess works with the Marketing and Social Media teams and the CEO, Malvi, to find engaging and exciting ways to tell the world about Cravosity.

Jess resides in the Chicagoland area. She went to school at the University of Iowa, studying Enterprise Leadership and Mass Communication. She worked in PR and social media all throughout college before graduating in May 2021.

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Alex Davidson's LinkedIn Page
Image of Alex Davidson

Alex Davidson

Operations Manager

90% of my diet consists of carbs and espresso

Dream Meal: Frasca with Betty White

Alex Davidson

Alex is the Head of Operations at Cravosity! She finds food at the center of meaningful conversation, friends, and family. Alex loved the idea of an easier way to plan and take the time to enjoy a meal with the people she cares about, and that's why she joined Cravosity.

Born and raised in Cleveland, Alex has a Bachelor's degree in Marketing and Fashion with a concentration in Women's Gender Studies from Miami University. She interned at an IPO firm on their PR team and assisted in the launch of many large company's IPOs. Alex has also held other marketing roles in the past, and currently resides in Chicago.

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Nikki Cope's LinkedIn Page
Image of Nikki Cope

Nikki Cope

Business Development

I love really really spicy food. I even created a Hot Ones challenge for the Cravosity team.

Dream Meal: Atelier Crenn with Michelle Obama

Nikki Cope

Nikki led much of our Business Development and Go-to-Market for launch at Cravosity. She is excited to help people stay connected through trying new restaurants together, even when their schedules are absolutely crazy. Her favorite cuisines are anything super spicy - Sichuan, Mexican, Indian, and Thai! She loves discovering hidden gems all over San Francisco where she lives.

With over 5 years of experience, her career has focused on building new tech-enabled businesses for big tech companies as a strategy consultant and with startups. Nikki earned a dual MBA + M.S. in Design Innovation at Northwestern University’s Kellogg School of Management and Segal Design Institute. She received her B.S. in Marketing and Finance from Arizona State University.

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